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Infographics can change the way we learn, the way we see information put in front of us.  They help us digest that information and leads us to draw important conclusions more swiftly.

After doing a little research online I was able to discover 10 gorgeous infographics on education that do more than simply show information, they relay it in a really potent and amazing way.

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1.  Education 2.0 – Social Networking & Education



2.  The ABCs of the SAT Infographic



3.  Education”s Effect on Income


4. Top 5 Reasons a Student Selects a College


5.  Technology Enhances Learning


6.    How Apple is Revolutionizing Education


7.   Lessons in Education: Shocking Education Statistics



8.   The Non-Tuition Costs of College Education



9.  US Education vs The World: Education Spending




10.  Staggering – 10 Shocking U.S. Education Statistics



featured image by pfaff


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  • Peter Mellow

    Worse than New Zealand! With those elitest attitudes, it is obvious why the U.S. is not doing so well in education.

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  • Mgleesonfl

    When we rank education as important as althetics and celebrity in this country then we will see improvement in our education system. We can spend a lot of time blaming others. Each parent must ask if they are doing everything they can to promote their child’s interest and enthusiasm for reading, writing, math, science, music.

  • jacquie fisher

    Talk about “a picture is worth 1000 words” – some of these are worth 10,000! Great post!

  • Shannon Sweetser

    Thanks, Jacquie! There aren’t a ton of great education graphics out there, but I think that these are extremely helpful at seeing the big educational picture, don’t you.

  • Katie

    If you are a self-supported student and are actually spending as much as #8 suggests, you deserve to be in debt for the rest of your life. $4000 just on entertainment? With an additional just for alcohol? Seriously?

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  • Jroag6

    Infographic #2 doesn’t address the re-centering of the SAT in the late ’90′s or early 2000′s. The scores would be much lower for 2009 without the re-centering which added an average of 60 points to both math and verbal scores – which was done just to make it look like we haven’t fallen as far behind as we actually have!

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  • Natalia J.

    Wow! Great post. Very jaw-dropping :) Thanks!

  • Shannon Sweetser

    Thanks for stopping by our blog! Glad you enjoyed the post.

  • Shannon Sweetser

    Great point, Jroag6 – there’s a lot of number adjusting out there to make it seem like th US isn’t as bad off as we really are, good catch!

  • Shannon Sweetser

    Katie, I don’t think students realize how much they are really spending on frivolous things, but it adds up. After having gone to two prestigious universities full of kids who didn’t work a day in their life, I can say that these statistics hit home for me – unnervingly so. It’s kinda sad.

  • SarahC

    1. Where’s the infographic of educational costs per pupil with the youth recreation costs taken out?  Other countries have a separate organization for that and don’t include those amounts in their education budget. I think the per pupil costs would be much closer if so.

    2. Where are the numbers regarding movement from community colleges, which do cost less than four-year schools, into four-year colleges? I understand that students who start at a community college are less than half as likely to finish a “four-year” degree within six years as those who begin at a four-year school.

  • Renault Megane

    I think the most staggering stat is the 7000 dropouts every day!

  • High School Diploma


  • common circle education

    We can absorb a lot of time blaming others. Each ancestor have to ask if they are accomplishing aggregate they can to advance their child’s absorption and activity for reading, writing, math, science and music.

  • High School Diploma

    Here ten jaw droppingly infographics on education that do added than
    artlessly appearance information, they broadcast it in a absolutely
    almighty and amazing way.

  • Mike Warren

    Why are these designs are so wonderful. Edutainment

  • Craig Gehring

    Wow this really is an awesome, jaw-dropping post.  Excellent work digging all of these up!

  • Web Design

    I was checking out some education related infographics for reference. Great collection here!

  • Kevin

    I love the infographic designs! Beautiful!

  • JRo

    Agreed! I’m from the US and think the comment is inane. We don’t all have that attitude!

  • Victoria Eulaerts-Willis

    Sorry, new at this commenting business. I really loved your graphic. It inspired me. Keep working! We do need to simplify this vast picture of education in bite-sized morsels. People get lost. And the implications of living in a fog are quite important. Your work has a purpose.

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