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Summer Tutoring Jobs: Five Suggestions for Where to Look

On May 9, 2012, in Teaching, tips, Tutoring, by Scott Cronenweth

Despite mounting teacher layoffs, it looks like there are many opportunities for tutors and teachers looking for tutoring jobs and related work this summer. Getting out in front of the summer job market, before employers are flooded with applicants, is always a good idea. Likewise, many education-related organizations need to know well in advance that they have qualified staff for their teaching positions.

If you’re an experienced educator interested in picking up summer tutoring work, here are five possibilities to consider. These positions offer decent income, pay by the hour, and are comparatively low-stress.

1) Online Tutoring

Many students – both K-12 and college-level — seek help with challenging subjects during the summer months, and online tutoring websites like and are gearing up now to meet the demand. Many of these organizations make it easy to apply online, though you may need to take some screening exams.

2) Local Learning Centers

Learning centers and “bricks and mortar” tutoring centers like Sylvan Learning Center, Kumon and Huntington are constantly in need of skilled tutors, and their needs often increase in the summer months. Now is the time to get in touch with these organizations to see if their needs are in alignment with what you have to offer.

3) Summer Camps and Day Education Programs

Summer camp isn’t just about fun in the sun these days. More and more summer camp programs now focus on educational areas like math, science, literature, creative writing, computers and gaming… even robotics. More and more of these organizations are looking to hire credentialed educators as staff, counselors or directors. If you have subject expertise you can probably find camps and programs in your area that are in need of your skills. is one site where you can find a comprehensive list of academic and pre-college specialty camps. The site even has a job fair.

4) Community Colleges, Adult Ed and Continuing Ed

Many community colleges and adult/continuing education programs offer summer classes, and some pay well enough to make it worthwhile to teach them. Check the websites of these institutions in your area to see what positions they have open and what courses they plan to offer. A phone call even at the last minute can lead to work if someone who’d agreed to teach can no longer fulfill the commitment.

5) Tutoring Abroad

By virtue of their experience with children, teachers are widely sought as “nanny teachers” or live-in tutors for a single child, a family or even a small group of families. People all over the world realize the value of one-on-one instruction, especially in an English-speaking environment and featuring a “western” curriculum. Families that live overseas seek these services, as do parents with special education needs or parents who want the very best education possible for their child. Educators Overseas is one site that offers international tutoring information and jobs.

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